Waymeet is a town that swells to nearly a thousand inhabitants during the trading seasons of summer and autumn, and then shrinks in winter and slowly grows again in spring. It is a trading-town serving the few villages which have survived into the Last Age in this region.

NPCs of Note

Legate Karix is the nominal ruler of the small town, and is also responsible for the maintenance of the Shrine to Izrador in the center of town.

Skab is the veteran leader of the small band of Orcs assigned to Waymeet.

Lem Cerogen is the highest-ranking civilian in town, an outlying member of the famous Cerogan smithing family that has been headquartered in Baden’s Bluff for longer than anyone can remember.

Shipporah is a Gnome midwife serving the town and the surrounding villages with her two orphan apprentices in tow.

Kendall Hunter is one of the few Humans allowed to carry arms at any time – he has a writ allowing him to have a shortbow which he uses to hunt small local game, and he supports himself by trading smoked meats which last the winter or can be used by traveling Orc warbands.

Key Locations

Legate Karix’s Regional Office also serves as his home. It is a small stone building surrounded by a wooden palisade of sharpened, evenly-spaced poles about seven feet in height with a wooden gate facing inward toward the center of town. There is normally one Orc outside near the gate and another Orc inside the palisade on guard duty.

The Dark Shrine is also in the center of town. It is a squat, dark structure that, if one comes close, smells of blood and decay. A few select worshipers enter once a week for services led by Karix. Others are dragged inside, normally not to be seen again.

The Cerogen smithy is near the center of town, and is a constant source of smoke and noise. Lem Cerogen and his two sons work there, along with around a half-dozen apprentices and another half-dozen menial workers of various kinds.

The Orc Barracks, two long low buildings with most of their space dug into the ground and reinforced with stone and wood, dominate the west side of town. Between them is a practice yard, ostensibly for training but more often used for the brawls which commonly settle Orc disputes.

Colby’s farm and storage barns are on the east side of town where buildings are farther apart and many old family farms still stand. The Colby farm was once much larger, but much of it has gone fallow for a lack of hands to work it, and other parts have been sold off or seized by the Legate.

Shipporah’s home and apothecary garden is on the south side of town, in amongst the larger, old houses. Her home is somewhat small, large enough for human visitors but still comfortable for a Gnome. She maintains a large garden of vegetables and herbs, some of which she sells and the rest she uses herself.

Kendall’s hut is past Shipporah’s home, just outside town to the south. It is a sturdy structure that he built himself from scavenged wood.

The Market Green is the center of town, meandering north and east between the Cerogen smithy and the Dark Shrine. This is where much of the town’s bartering is done, and where Emre serves as a broker and where Jin and Kenneth sell Sarcosian horses and related gear.


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