If Izrador was a character, he would be in the 1000pt range.

Long ago, at the moment of the Sundering, all of the gods were cut off from the world of Aryth save one, who fell to earth in the north of Eredane. That god was Izrador. Denied the ability to return to the supernal realms, Izrador has made war on the free people of Eredane relentlessly since. His armies of Orcs and Goblinkin have destroyed entire civilizations, leveled cities that had stood for thousands of years. They have crushed the Humans, Halflings and Gnomes, and currently drive westward along the Burning Line into the Elven homeland and eastward into the mountains of the Dwarves.

Izrador rules Aryth through his four Night Kings: Ardherin, Sorcerer of Shadow; Jahzir, Sword of Shadow; Sunulael, Priest of Shadow; and Zardix, the Wrath of Shadow. With the exception of Zardix, they were once mortal – Ardherin once an Elf, Jahzir and Sunulael once Humans. Zardix was, and remains, the most powerful dragon on Aryth.

Throughout the lands of Eredane, there are shrines, temples and cathedrals devoted to the worship of the Shadow. It is common knowledge that tens of thousands have entered these enclaves, never to return as living beings. It is also well-known that the priests of Izrador, known as Legates, are granted the power to control, and even create, the undead who roam the land, known as Fell, or to the educated, Ungrals.

Because the world has been severed from the supernal realms by the Sundering, the spirits of the dead have nowhere to go, and they often return to inhabit their own dead bodies, rising as unliving corpses. These walking corpses are shadows of their former selves, retaining just enough of their previous memories and skills to be deeply tragic as well as sometimes very dangerous.

The end result of this: Orcs pour out of the north and the small centers of open resistance to the Shadow burn without and are corrupted from within. Those who die heroically defying the Shadow are raised again, to serve the Shadow until their corpses rot entirely, and their tortured spirit is left to dissipate forever.


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