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Next Session: Alas, none. This campaign ended spectacularly on March 18, 2012

Spotlight Character: Everyone!

Final Character Point Total: 200 (not counting Heroic Paths)

Final Heroic Path Total: 100, Fifth (final) manifestation

For thousands of years, there has been one god, and one god alone: Izrador, the Shadow.

With the exception of a few grim Dwarven strongholds high in the mountains and ancient Elven forests which are even now burning, the Shadow has covered all the known world.

Five flee the destruction of their town, the slaughter many hundreds they have known for years, their children taken into slavery – Emre, a Gnome merchant with a deadly secret; Jin, a Sarcosian horse-trader who trusts too much in luck; Verrick, an administrator who has already committed murder; Kenneth, a thief and vagabond haunted by the death of his family; Callan, a slave whose wife and daughter were taken from him.

After an excursion out of the city to assist the Resistance Outriders they are joined by Maeve, a mysterious woman freed from slavery and intent on entering Baden’s Bluff to take revenge.

With the death of the Prince of the city as well as the High Legate and more than a hundred Orcs, Baden’s Bluff is plunging into chaos. Zaindal the Drake is loose and wreaking havoc. Resistance breaks out and in response the authorities step up the level of brutality with increased public punishments and midnight kidnappings.

Multiple factions now vie for control of the city. The Cabal, profoundly weakened, falls back in the face of the Devout led by Legate Denarius. Legate Idris makes a bid to become the new High Legate of the city. The Duke of Dalmark is now the best-positioned to take the mantle of ruler of the city. For now, under martial law, Commander Theron Tolsson of the city Guard and Commander Volog of the Hobgoblin garrison are seeking to maintain control with the help of the Legates.

Legate Korrin‘s reprisals against presumed resistors reaches a fever pitch, and with the death of Chieftain Gorun, the remaining Orc garrison demands blood-vengeance, and they are taking it on whoever gets in their way. Hundreds of Fell were loosed into the city streets, and many remain at large. The Pale Mirror beneath the Temple of Shadow is damaged, possibly broken irreparably. One assumes that will draw attention, one way or another, but it is a crippling blow to the Legates’ mission in the city.

The question that began this story is going to be answered:

Will the heroes be the sparks that ignite a rebellion against the Shadow?

Or will they see Baden’s Bluff burn to the ground?

This story is their answer.

Look here to learn more.

Here is an OGC site that has many of the D20 version of the rules.

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