Baden's Bluff

Baden’s Bluff is one of the largest Human cities still functioning in the Last Age. It sits on the southern coast of the Sea of Pelluria, and is the main port used by Izrador’s forces sending troops and supplies south to aid in the fight against the Elves in southern Erethor.

The population of Baden’s Bluff is in the tens of thousands. Among those are over 100 Legates, a few hundred Hobgoblins, around a thousand Orcs, and maybe a thousand Goblins. Of the approximately 50,000 inhabitants of the city, likely at least 5,000 are slaves. The main players in the Resistance, by contrast, number around three dozen.

The city is still nominally in the hands of the Baden family. The Bastard Count Helrion Baden, raised by Legates, is the titular head of the city. His mentor, Lord Werner Dalmark, still supports him and seeks to advise him.

High Legate Cerano is likely the most powerful individual in Baden’s Bluff, but he primarily interacts with other Legates. When he intervenes in city affairs, he does not bargain, lie, or pretend to hide his contempt for others.

By far the most noteworthy denizen of Baden’s Bluff is Zaindal the Drake, a massive, horrifying flying creature out of the nightmare caverns of the north. It perches in the highest point of the city, an ancient, slender spire built by Elves long ago, and casts a pall of rot and dread over the city at all times.

The city sits on a rocky bluff of land stretching out into the Sea of Pelluria. On the northern and eastern side of the bluff are the main docks. The western side is dominated by the ruins of the ancient quarry that was used to build the city, long fallen into disrepair, where the most desperate squatters cling to a bare existence and fight with gulls for scraps.

Trade barges travel down a wide, ancient canal called the Aransway that goes south through the center of the city. Rather than construct a system of locks, the canal simply delves beneath the city until it reaches the Well, a vast vertical tunnel which uses a system of vast winches and lifting-chains to raise barges up to the center of the city to unload their goods.

Main Sections of Baden’s Bluff:

The Tidewood

The Tidewood section of the city is where the human refuse huddles and the city meets the sea. this low-lying area is a tangle of shanties, huts and a few rickety inns, taverns and brothels. The long-abandoned Quarries are the most desperate part of the Tidewood, filled with refugees and beggars, haunted by street-toughs, and periodically swept by Goblin slavers seeking to round up the unwary. Along the eastern face of the bluff lie the Stone Docks, where ships from many other cities can be found, and where the resistance and the Shadow vies for influence. The northern face of the bluff is dominated by the rickety Worm Docks where hundreds of fishing boats can be found, daily going out to harvest the bounty of the sea.

The Bellows

The Bellows section of the city is it’s beating heart, including the slum section that rises from sea level to the heights of the city – The Steeps, the Well, which is a center for trade of goods coming up the Aransway, and Guildhall, the old center of the city’s trade guilds.


Where the Bellows is the commercial district of the city, Leewall is it’s public face. This section of the city includes Kingshand, Hearthhome and Weirhold.

The Crown

The Crown, the first citadel built to defend the city in case of attack, no an administrative center, is the highest point in the city. This section of the city includes The Spire, built long ago by Elves, some say, currently the home of Zaindal; Baden Court and the barracks of The Watch, as well as the Temple of Shadow, the center of Legate power and activity in the city, and the place the average person would least want to visit for any reason.

Other Sections

The Main Gate is in fact the only gate in the outer wall of the city. It is guarded by Hobgoblins, and all those entering or exiting the city are subject to inspection, including huge dogs trained to smell iron and steel. Outside the city proper, Orcs are often camped.

The Snarl is what is left of the many layers of ancient sewers dug at various times beneath the city. It only functions well in the Crown district – otherwise, it is a twisted, broken and mostly-unused tangle of tunnels, dead ends and stagnant pools.

Organizations in Baden’s Bluff

The Avenging Knives (Now largely defunct)

The Watch

The Fallen Court

The Flayers

The Gnome Smugglers

The Pirate Princes

The Shining Court

The Devout

The Cabal

Baden's Bluff

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