High Legate Idris

High Legate Idris, and her Sisters of Tender Mercies, are trying to make Baden's Bluff anything but a disaster


Legate Idris is a 175pt character.

(I added an “r” because I didn’t know her name would sound weird until I said it aloud)

Legate Idris [174/175pts]

60 ST 9 DX 10 IQ 14 (WL 16) HT 11 (19 FP)
4 Attractive +1
5 Clerical Investment
10 Power Investiture +1
20 Status +4
10 Strong Will +2
30 Very Wealthy
-5 Callous
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-15 Duty: Legate Afflictor/Sister of Tender Mercies
-5 Age: Middle-Aged
-10 Overconfident
-15 Sadism
38 Detect Lies 14, Instruction 15, Intimidation 15 (18), Occult 14, Politics 14, Psychology 14, Religious Ritual 14, Thaumatology 14, Theology 14, Torture 15
20 Healing spells x 10 @ 14 – Major Healing, Regenerate (VH)
20 Body Control spells x 10 @ 14 – Pain, Stun, Sensitize (Low Pain Threshold), Strike Blind, Clumsiness, Hinder
12 Mind Control spells x6 @ 14 – Suggestion, Fear, Panic
Lightened bladeturning cuirass (all attacks are crushing) DR 4, Powerstone 8, Resist Fire Potion


Idris is an older Sarcosian woman with iron-grey hair. She favors stiff, formal dress rather than the more common Legate armor and tabard, and does not carry visible weapons.

Legate Idris is a cruel and powerful Legate. She does not demonstrate a great deal of channeling prowess openly, and she does not carry himself like a soldier legate, but she is politically very influential. She often has oversight of two things: handing out the most extreme punishments to those who fail in their service of the Shadow and training new Legates who come to the city.

She is well known for her arrogant intelligence, political cunning, and the ability to keep torture victims alive for a very long time.

High Legate Idris

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