Worm Docks

At the northern edge of Tidewood are the Worm Docks. This district is dedicated to harvesting the rich bounty of the sea, and as such is dominated by almost two miles of rotting wooden docks and fishing boats. Nets in various states of repair dry in the sun and seabirds hover nervously offshore while the boats offload their catch. The area reeks of day-old fish, brine, and the tar used to patch boats that should have been broken into firewood years ago. Under the watchful
eyes of the orc garrison, the sullen fishermen turn their catch over to tithemasters who leave barely enough behind to feed the fishermens’ families.

Scattered along the docks are taverns that provide some relief from the hard, thankless labors on the sea and the mistreatment from bored orc guards. Warehouses, boat fitters, weavers, and simple carpentry shops compete for the limited space along the piers. Once past the piers, the district is a bewildering maze of narrow canals, wooden causeways, and small cluttered courtyards. Buildings are low, rarely more than two stories, and press tightly against their neighbors as if seeking comfort and warmth in these bleak times. The fishermen are primarily Dorns who still feel the call of the sea in their blood.

The piers are active during the day, with workers, returning fishermen, orc patrols, and tithesmasters tallying the day’s catch. By contrast, the piers and streets are empty and almost lifeless at night except for an occasional flickering light from a tavern or the grumbling of an occasional orc sentry. The residents appear sullen and rarely make eye contact, clearly showing defeat and a sense of resignation to their fate as servants and slaves to the Shadow. The Worm Docks are a close-knit community and they do not welcome outsiders.

Place of Interest in the Worm Docks

The Beggar Bowl Tavern

The Orc Garrison

The Fish Market

The CalAmity

Worm Docks

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