The Steeps

Coming inward from the Tidewood district to the city proper, the land suddenly rises, and in that section of the city is the area which has been known as the Steeps for as long as any can remember.

Where the Quarries house the most desperate in the city, beggars and refugees, and the rest of the Tidewater district gets its live from the sea, the Steeps are where the working poor are piled up, one atop another, in cramped tenements clinging to the steep incline, leaning out over claustrophobic, switch-back roads and walkways.

Like any tenement in any city, the Steeps are riddled with crime and criminals, many of whom have been organized into a gang known as the Flayers led by a young, brutal man named Bron. The Flayers have driven away or killed much of their competition, though they are not entirely in control of the Steeps as of yet.

There is one area of the Steeps that few dare to enter, known as the Hollow. This section of tenements is widely believed to be haunted, and stories abound of those who enter and never again leave.

The Steeps

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