The Shadow

Human collaborators form the core of servants of the Shadow in Baden’s Bluff. Human guards are seen everywhere in the city, and the spies of Izrador are in every neighborhood. Gangs, businesses and trade organizations are thoroughly infiltrated by servants of the Shadow.

Orcs are the most numerous of the servants of Izrador. Not much is known about the source of their language or culture. It is known that more Orcs regularly stream out of the north, and that they share a violent hatred of all creatures who are non-Orcs, as well as hatred for each other. They are large, brutal, twisted, harsh beings, and they are the backbone of the armies of Izrador.

Goblinkin are more diverse than Orcs, and the relationship between the two is unknown to most. The most numerous Goblins are around 3 to 4 feet tall, skinny, with long wiry arms and short legs. Their skin varies in shade from green to grey. Hobgoblins are larger cousins, with skin ranging from red to almost black, taller and more athletic than the average Erenlander, they are often preoccupied with order. The largest Goblinkin are the Bugbears, towering over even the Hobgoblins, they frighten even Orcs. Collectively, Goblinkin are often responsible for managing slaves and refreshing their numbers given the high mortality rate.

Some Orcs have been cross-bred and corrupted to create the Oruks, which are essentially larger, more powerful Orcs, half again as tall as a man. They often serve as shock troops.

Trolls are creatures who long lived in Aryth which have been largely corrupted to the service of Izrador. Trolls are a close connection to the lands they inhabit, and physically take on the characteristics of the local terrain and vegetation, resulting in an incredible variety of Troll-kind. All Trolls are large and very strong, and most of them heal very quickly from all but the most dire wounds. Like most wild animals, Trolls fear fire.

Giantkin are another group of creatures enslaved by Izrador and conscripted into his armies. They are enormous, primitive, and none too intelligent in most cases, and those seen in battle are often tormented into a fury and then loosed upon their hapless foes.

The ancient Dragons ruled Aryth long ago, and ancient tales even tell of Dragons who befriend mortals and taught them language and especially magic. This was long ago, however, and the few Dragons who remain are the most terrifying part of Izrador’s arsenal.

The priests who worship and serve the shadow are known as Legates. They function as military commanders, local religious leaders, and investigators who hunt down channelers, those who illicitly learn to read, and anyone who has a connection to the Elves or the Dwarves.

Astiraxes are the twisted, semi-alive animal companions of some Legates. Astiraxes are known to be able to sniff out even simple magical charms, and thought they have the forms of animals, they never appear healthy, and mundane animals cannot tolerate them without a great deal of training.

The four powerful Night Kings are the greatest servants of Izrador. One is a corrupted sorcerer, another is the leader of the order of Legate-priests; the third is the general of the armies of Shadow, personally overseeing the destruction of the Elven homelands. The forth is the greatest and most terrible living Dragon, a living weapon of unimaginable power.

The Shadow

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