the resistance

This is a page for listing known information about the resistance which is centered in Baden’s Bluff.

In the meantime, the PCs have served as the core of the resistance in Waymeet. They know there are more, possibly many more, in Baden’s Bluff, but they aren’t connected to them…yet.

Aside from Asa and possibly Kendall Hunter, it remains to be seen which of the NPCs the PCs have met thus far will be joining the active resistance in Baden’s Bluff with them.

Known members of the resistance

Tomas Baden, the name everyone knows; the man no one knows anything about
Serge, Emre’s erstwhile channeling tutor
Cyrus, Jin’s contact
Arla Dell, mistress of the Tussle House
Victor Fausebender, who is a double agent and a member of the Avenging Knives

the resistance

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