Temple of Shadow

Among many other things, the Temple of Shadow is the personal residence of High Legate Cerano. It is by far the largest site dedicated to the dark faith in the city, and is a harsh, dominating structure built in the heart of the Crown district.

The Temple of Shadow is similar to any temple of Izrador in the city, writ large. Like all temples, the main floor is dominated by the outer and inner chapel, as well as the crypt entrance at the rear of the structure, beyond the Dark Mirror.

Stairways in the outer chapel lead up into sections of the Temple dedicated o administration, as the Temple is the hub of Legate activity in the region.

The crypt below is the realm of High Legate Cerano, and only those whom he personally invites are are allowed there. Those invitations include a large number of dead or dying peasants from the city, taken there for necromantic experimentation, as well as those Legates who earn advanced magical training.

Verrick has been able to find himself a placement in the Temple of Shadow.

Temple of Shadow

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