Long ago, in a time almost entirely lost to lore, the realms of the gods were sundered from the realms of the living. Because of this, the souls of the dead cannot escape the mortal coil, and any prayers not directed toward Izrador are never answered. Something in the Sunderborn hero reaches back into the legendary past, before the world was broken. Maybe the powers sundered from the world can still be reached, somehow…

First Manifestation: Power Investiture +1, Bravery and Sense Spirit at IQ + PI with no training [18pts]

Second Manifestation: Tongues [15pts]

Third Manifestation: Haste, Minor Healing and Levitation, all spells at IQ +PI [14pts]

Fourth Manifestation: Replace Levitation with Fly, Teleport, Bless (10 for a +1 bonus to everything, then a miraculous ‘save’, then it ends) and Continual Light, plus Magic Resistance +2 (modified to be droppable) [20pts]


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