In a world where the use of magic apart from the service of Izrador means death, the Spellsouled hero has no other path to follow. This hero has been chosen to be the vessel of magical power, regardless of what danger it might incur.

First Manifestation: Ignite Fire, Create Fire and Shape Fire at IQ + Magery; gifts of Emre’s father [12pts]

Second manifestation: Purify Air, Create Air and Shape Air at IQ + Magery; spell-singing (10x time, reduce cost by 1), Singing at HT [14pts]

Third manifestation: Seek Earth, Shape Earth, Earth Vision @ IQ + Magery; Seek Water, Create Water, Icy Weapon @ IQ + Magery [24pts]

Fourth manifestation: Weather spells; Frost, Fog, Clouds, Wind ?

Fifth manifestation: advance to kill-you-magic in each of the four elements


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