Sarcosians are the dominant human line of southern Eredane, and have been so for a long time. They tend toward brown skin and dark hair and eyes. Some Sarcosians use herbal salves to bleach intricate designs into their skin. All Sarcosians tend to dress in flowing clothing that gives them the ability to comfortably ride their famous horses. Physically, Sarcosians tend toward a slight build, and are not nearly as tall as the Dorns of the north.

Unlike in the north, a few Sarcosian cities still stand in the south, including Sharuun and Hallisport, meaning that many Sarcosians still live in the cities that their forebears built. They do not as free people, however. Any Sarcosian rulers left wield any power they have as puppet servants of the Shadow, known as false sussars.

In the Last Age, some brave southern Erenlanders have joined the Sarcosians in a nomadic lifestyle spent on horseback. They ride together amongst the sawgrass, executing raids on the Shadow’s forces. Sarcosians knights and princes live as renegades, trying to battle against 10 times their number of entrenched, brutal Orcs and Goblinkin supported by Legate commanders.

Sarcosian Names: Arabic, Greek, Latin, Persian


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