Pirate Princes

The Pirates of the Sea of Pelluria are not necessarily resisting the Shadow for any high ideals – it is just that where there is trade by sea, there will always be violence and theft coming along with it. The Pirate Princes are not Princes, for the most part, by birth – though some are scions of forgotten Dornish houses.

Most of the Pirates are Dorns, driven from the north in successive generations by first the fall of the Dornish kingdoms and then the leveling of most civilization of any kind.

Much of their lives are spent aboard their ships – the Sea of Pelluria is a freshwater sea, and food is either taken from supply ships and traders or foraged and even grown on the many islands that dot the Sea near it’s coastline.

A few of the Pirates are Mirasil, Sea Elves, the distant descendants of the many Mirasil who sailed from Eredane many decades ago, seeking aid in the war against Izrador. These few are bolstered by Caransil (Wood Elves) and even Erunsil (Snow Elves) who, like their kin fight the Shadow, but who choose to take to the sea for one reason or another.

Dornish Pirate 50pts
Mirasil Pirate 75pts
Mirasil Sea-Chanter 75pts
Dornish Pirate Captain 100pts
Mirasil Pirate Captain 125pts
Pirate Prince 150pts, or thereabouts

Pirate Princes

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