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The Campaign So Far

Our campaign is centered on the city of Baden’s Bluff, one of the few cities still functioning in the Last Age. It is the main port for troops and supplies arriving from the north to fuel the war against the Elves in the west. Baden’s Bluff is also the main city associated with the resistance against Izrador, and it’s streets are home to a constant battle of blood and intrigue between various factions serving the Dark God, the cause of freedom, and themselves.

The campaign began in the town of Waymeet, a few days’ march from Baden’s Bluff, far enough from the Road of Salt and Tears that it has survived as a trading town for the few surrounding villages. The PCs visited three villages: two Erenlander villages, one named Wooten and another named Clear-water, have both sent their willing people of fighting age with the PCs to the village of Dorn Hill.

Having won the Battle of Dorn Hill, the PCs have led the citizens of two of the villages they have visited northward to Baden’s Bluff. The PCs continued to support the refugees as well as find their own places in the city; Jin working for Kaveh, a Sarcosian trader; Emre setting himself up as an independent trader in the city; Kenneth working for Jin as a stablehand, later promoted to an overseer of other stable-hands; Verrick working as an administrator in the Temple of Shadow and moving toward becoming a Legate; and Callan, currently living as an escaped slave with the other refugees.

As the heroes build their resources and reputations, they were called upon by the resistance to infiltrate a supply caravan headed for the Burning Line in the south; to overthrow it and capture it, and deliver it to Sarcosian and Halfling riders who are fighting an insurgency in the southern plains.

Meanwhile, the heroes have liberated Callan’s wife Melie and daughter Ana from slavery under the Cerogen family, killing nearly a dozen guards in the process. Kenneth attacked the Cerogen family once again, assassinating Lem Cerogen.

Together with the Resistance Outriders the heroes have successfully destroyed the garrison at Arwich and collapsed the entrance to the salt mines there, potentially crippling the ability of Baden’s Bluff to send salted meat to the Burning Line. They withdrew to the hill-lands around Baden’s Bluff. Word later came to them that they are now being hunted, by none other than Atradees Khoyl, the most accomplished Hobgoblin ranger in the region. Following him are 35 other rangers as well as 100 Hobgoblin light infantry, drawn from the city’s garrison.

Ultimately, the heroes withdrew to the Trollscarl Forest southwest of the city, and with the help of the Caransil recluse Gwylael, the were able to decimate the Hobgoblin Rangers and the Hobgoblin infantry both. Upon their return to the city, they have not heard any word of Verrick. For his own part, the Dwarrow was last seen trying to rescue Helrion Baden after he was shot in the gorget with a crossbow bolt by a member of the Avenging Knives.

More on Baden’s Bluff

The titular ruler of the city is Helrion Baden, known behind his back at times as the “Bastard Count”. He is tall, powerful, handsome like the heroes of old, and lavish with gifts to supporters. Tomas Baden is the leader of the resistance in the city. Though the two share a family name, it is unlikely they have ever met.

The spiritual leader of the city is High Legate Cerano. He is a powerful man seemingly without a past, who arrived in the city years ago, sent to impose order on the Legates specifically and the city in general. His reputation is similar to that of a force of nature – implacable and unconcerned with the suffering of others. This reputation is only increased by the fact that his acolytes and Legates regular purchase the dead and the dying from bereaved families, which they carry back to Cerano, never to be seen again.

Along with these three, other members of the so-called “”/campaign/baden-burning/wikis/the-shining-court" class=“wiki-page-link”> Shining Court" include Baroness Andilin Westerin, widely considered the most beautiful woman in the region, as well as Arla Dell, the proprietor of the Tussle House brothel. Lord Werner Dalmark, bereft of Helrion Baden to mentor, will have to re-evaluate.

The city is split into multiple districts: the area around the Aransway canal, the center of the city dominated by Baden Court, Guildhall with its multitude of craftspeople and a few Shadow-sponsored guilds, the Main Gate, the poorest district where people huddle in the old Quarries, the prosperous Stone Docks, The Snarl beneath the city, The Spire which is abandoned and dominated by the nest of Zaindal the Drake, The Steeps and the ghetto gangs that dominate it, the Well at the heart of the city, Weirhold, and the poverty-stricken Dornish Worm Docks.

The World in Brief

Baden Burning is a GURPS campaign set in Aryth, the world of the Midnight setting by Fantasy Flight Games. The main continent on Aryth is Eredane – the west of the continent is covered by vast forests in the north and jungles in the south, known collectively as Erethor. The eastern side of the continent is a vast mountain range called the Kaladruns. In the southern and central regions of the continent are vast rolling plains of sawgrass.

To the North, the Dark God Izrador sits on his throne as rule of all of Eredane.

Almost 100 years ago, the Last Age began when the last alliance of Humans and the fey races was crushed and scattered. Now, only the Elves in the west and the Dwarves in the east openly resist in any large numbers, and Izrador’s Orcs are slowly burning and grinding their way to victory on both fronts. Some Elflings live among the Elves, even as a few Dwarrow and Dworgs live alongside the Kurgen Clan of Dwarves, who are the most open to outsiders.

Humans, Halflings and Gnomes are conquered peoples. Humans of the Dornish line, in the north, are scattered and desperate, their civilization in ruins, leaving only a few Dorns living as bandit princes fighting a grim insurgency. Sarcosian Humans in the south are ruled by “false sussars”, usurpers who swore fealty to the Dark Lord in exchange for a little power and safety. A few Sarcosians rove in bands of horsemen, harrying the forces of the Shadow in small ways. The great mass of Erenlanders eke out what meager existence they can, some rising to prominence in service to the Shadow.

The majority of Halflings are enslaved, working on plantations producing food for Izrador’s armies or in the homes of Legates in the few cities left standing. A few of them live nomadic lives in the sawgrass plains of the south, or form small farming villages and try to avoid the notice of Goblin slavers and hungry Orcs. Some Elflings are able to pass for tall Halflings and live among their smaller kin.

Gnomes seemingly serve Izrador, and they have been able to maintain their trade routes along all of the major waterways of Erethor. They aid both the resistance as smugglers without peer as well as Izrador’s armies as they march to extinguish all hope. Many Dwarrow who are not near the Kurgen Clan’s lands in the northeast come to live among their Gnomish cousins.

More on the World and the Game

Each player-character is unique, in that they each have Heroic Paths, one per character, which will help define how they progress over the course of the game. Each session, each PC gets 5 character points, and 5 more character points are put into a pool reserved for their Heroic path. The GM chooses how to spend those character points based on the theme for each Heroic Path, and new abilities will manifest at dramatic moments when the PC’s Heroic Path has accrued enough character points.

House Rules including changes to the rules as written regarding when one can purchase Advantages as well as a new rule around character death. There are also notes on wealth and equipment and how to handle dice rolls by “letting it ride”.

Languages are an important aspect of the Midnight setting – literacy is illegal and punishable by death, but there are many languages spoken in the world of Aryth.

Law and Punishment deals with general rules which are enforced everywhere the Shadow holds sway. If you are not in a Dwarven or Elven enclave, these rules apply.

Goblinkin, Orcs, Legates, Astiraxes, the dread Night Kings…The Shadow is the overwhelming, supernatural evil force currently controlling the world of Aryth, seeming on the verge of crushing all resistance forever. Here is information on all of the servants of the Shadow. Know your enemy before it is too late.

The Fell are the undead of the Midnight setting. With no Heaven or Hell, death is not the end of your corporeal suffering.

Few remain to fight against the Shadow, but there are those who do not go quietly, including the Avenging Knives, the Resistance and the Resistance Outriders, and the Pirate Princes plying the Sea of Pelluria.

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