Legates are the warrior-priests and the highest-ranking mortal servants of Izrador. Most Legates are Human, though a few Orcs are intelligent enough to join their ranks, and some Hobgoblins show the divine gifts necessary to wield the power of the Shadow.

Legates are commanders, enforcers, healers, bureaucrats, soldiers and vessels of infernal retribution for the foes of the Shadow.

There are many lesser Legates, those recently raised from Acolyte or demoted due to some failure. Lesser Legates are the majority of Legates overall, and they have some training in combat and have a repertoire of a few spells.

Soldier Legates focus on warfare, receive advanced combat training, and wield spells which bolster themselves and others in battle.

Inquisitor Legates are the elite hunters of Channelers of all kinds, as well as anyone wielding or owning a magical object or device of any kind.

Greater Legates are powerful and rare, skilled in war and magic both whether they come from the soldier or inquisitor line.

High Legates are in charge of the religious life of major cities and settlements.

Some Legates, particularly Inquisitor Legates, have companion Astiraxes that help them hunt down magic in all it’s forms.

Legates are not unified at all times – there seem to be periodic bouts of in-fighting between various factions, though those outside their order can only guess at the details. The whispers speak of two names: The Cabal and The Devout.

Legates in Baden’s Bluff

There are around 100 Legates who call Baden’s Bluff home, many of whom came to the city fewer than 20 years ago. They live in homes they have to themselves, which is unusual in the city. Some of these homes stood empty after the conquest of the city, while in other cases the owners of the home were simply driven out forcibly so that Legates could move in.

In the city, the Legates tend to be more restrained than they are in most other places. Their brutality is curtailed. Instead, commoners come to them to solve local problems. They also serve as intermediaries with the local government.

Lastly, for those Legates who are accomplished spellcasters, Legates are the only source of magical services that does not come with a death penalty. Some provide magical healing, cures for disease.

All of this, of course, comes with a price.

Becoming a Legate

Most legates are actually bred to the job, trained up from early childhood in the arts of cruelty and depravity. They are then divided based on their perceived aptitudes, and from then on trained specifically toward their strengths, whether combat, torture, research, spellcasting, leadership, and so on.

Many other legates are taken as children and converted, forcibly, because they are perceived to have the gift of channeling.

The vast majority of legates are humans – there are some orcs and a few dworgs who also enter into their ranks. It is very unusual for another race to become a legate.

Legates must have a basic understanding of Occult and/or Theology, as well as Religious Ritual. Legates who are able to channel are taught spells such as Detect Magic, Fear, Seek Magic, Sense Emotion, Sense Mana and Sense Spirit to make them more effective hunters. Those who can are taught more advanced spells as well.

All legates must take Disciplines of Faith as at least a 5p Disadvantage, representing the requirement that they worship at a dark mirror to replenish themselves, and that they are prepared to perform the sacrifices that the mirrors require. Legates will also often have a specific Duty depending on their function.

As a result of their twisted training, most legates have psychological Disadvantages like Bad Temper, Bloodlust, Callous, Flashbacks, Obsession and Sadism. Some who are particularly strong willed may become Unfazeable.

All legates swear binding vows, pledging their souls to the Shadow, but these vows don’t count as Disadvantages that grant points.

Lesser Legates 50pts
Soldier Legates 75pts
Greater Legates 150pts
High Legate 200pts or more


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