Common languages in and around Baden’s Bluff include Black Speech, Dornish, Erenlander, Goblin, Orcish, Sarcosian, and Trader’s Tongue.

Black Speech is the liturgical language of Izrador’s forces, the language of the Legates and their scriptures. It is used for official documents and decrees, and all Goblinkin and Orcs will know a smattering of it.

Dornish is the language of the northerners, the Human linneage that once ruled the lands north of the Sea of Pelluria as a grim nobility. They are now a shattered and scattered people, but their language was once spoken across much of Eredane, and it remains common in the Last Age.

The Erenlander language, like the Erenlanders themselves, is a mix of Dornish and Sarcosian. It is the most common language spoken by Humans and Halflings who are not jungle-dwellers.

Goblin is a very old language, and not much of it is spoken apart from Goblinkin. Most Goblins speak a little Black Speech and even some Orcish as well, and those that have regular dealings with slave races might speak Erenlander or Trader’s Tongue.

Jungle Mouth is not a virulent disease, but rather the common term for the language spoken in the jungles of the south by the Elves and Halflings who live there.

Orcish is obviously the language of the Orcs, a vulgar and simplified version of Black Speech that has become so corrupted over time that it has become it’s own separate language.

Sarcosian is the language of the southern nobility, some of whom still rule as puppets and “false sussars”, trading service to the Dark Lord in exchange for some of the comfort and affluence they once enjoyed as legitimate rulers.

Trader’s Tongue is the de facto language of the Gnomes. It is a smattering of many languages along with invented words of the Gnomes, as well as what might have been their primordial language long ago. Trader’s Tongue is the language that most people can speak a little bit of. It is not useful for deep, philosophical conversations, but it has a broad vocabulary for haggling.


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