House Rules


As a 5pt Advantage, a character can have a writ allowing them to carry and use justifiable weapons like short bows, knives or axes, as long as these are used in service of the Shadow – to hunt food for Orcs or chop wood, for example.

Unlike the GURPS rules as written, many Advantages can be purchased after character creation.


The Secret of being a spellcaster is a -30pt Disadvantage, because if discovered, spellcasters, or channelers in Aryth, risk imprisonment and death.


“Let it Ride” is a rule that is implicit in GURPS but which Luke Crane makes explicit in his game Burning Wheel. What this rule means is that you generally only have to roll once for something, and deal with the consequences. The GM can’t call for roll after roll for the same basic task, and players won’t be able to roll again if they fail at something simply because a little time has passed.

Once the dice fall, we let it ride.

Equipment and Money

In the first couple of sessions, PCs can purchase items on the fly if they are things that they would have, rather than purchasing everything ahead of time.

Now that the PCs’ basic equipment is determined, we have voted for possessions to be handled by common sense from here on in. Based on wealth level (default is Average), the GM will just say whether a PC can afford something or not. For special items or contraband, story justification and/or dice rolls will need to be made to justify it.

Character Points

“Windfall” – you can spend a Character Point during play to acquire wealth appropriate to your wealth level, as long as you have a way to justify it. This is to cover finding things, luck, gifts and so on.


Even if you do not have the Martyr Heroic Path, death won’t come as the result of a few random dice-rolls. Anything short of death might, including permanent injury, crippling and so on, but not death. Death is only possible if the player chooses to make it possible in a given conflict. In short, death must matter.

House Rules

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