The western edge of the continent of Eredane is covered in forests, from the arctic forests of the far north to the rainforests and jungles of the far south, approaching Aryth’s equator. These western wilderlands have been the home of the various Elven peoples for thousands of years, and collectively represents the largest swath of land not controlled by the Izrador’s forces.

The eastern edge of this forested land is known as the Burning Line, because all along the border of Elven lands, the Orcs, Goblinkin, Trolls, Giants and Dragons of Izrador are burning their way in, slowly grinding down Elven resistance.

For as long as living memory, the Elves and their kin have buried their dead at the base of great ancestor trees, and the spirits of their ancestors are believed to return to these trees, and to make it possible for the trees themselves to become animate and to rise up to defend their land at need. Elven channelers are able to awaken these arboreal guardians, and they are one reason that the Burning Line is progressing so slowly westward.

But progress it does – and every tree that is destroyed means the destruction of Elven ancestor spirits which have infused them for millennia.

In the far north are the Erunsil, the Snow Elves, the fiercest and most ruthless people. They fight so hard, and sell their lives so dearly in battle, that even Orcs have learned to fear them. The Erunsil have perfected Snow Elf fighting knives which they use with brutal efficiency, and their icewood bows are powerful, magical bows which are treasured by any who carry them.

The Caransil, or Wood Elves, are the most numerous of the Elves, and their lands extend from the edge of the lands of eternal snow and ice to the north to the regions in the south where the great forests give way to rainforests and then to jungle. The Caransil are known to be powerful channelers, and they count among their number the Witch Queen, the ancient ruler of all of the Elves, rumored to be the oldest living creature on Aryth.

The Danisil are the Jungle Elves, smaller than their northern cousins, and are generally thought to be more primitive, with less trade and interaction with other races. The Danisil are also channelers, but they tend to focus on spells from the Animal, Healing and Plant colleges, living in harmony with their surroundings, and able to animate their natural environment to defend them at need. They have developed perfect balance, and live up in the canopy of their great forests, moving from tree to tree along branches, rope bridges and even single lines stretched hundreds of feet above the forest floor.


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