Dwarves, once builders and crafters working in most major cities, have been driven east to their mountain strongholds in the Kaladrun Mountains. There, they fight constant brutal battles with Orc armies that are taking over their land, mountain by mountain, siege by siege.

Dwarves and Orcs reserve a special hatred for each other – it is said that Orcs are Dwarves who were twisted by Izrador millennia ago.

Most Dwarves are extremely insular, fending off refugees who come to them seeking protection. The one large exception is the Kurgun Clan, which is very open, even to Dworgs who are welcome nowhere else.

Some Dwarves have children with Gnomes, and their offspring are known as Dwarrow. Both Dwarves and Gnomes are fey connected with the earth in the way that Elves and Halflings are connected to living things.

Dwarves [26pts or 46pts or 66pts]

30 ST +1, HT +2

Size -1

25 Dark Vision

6 Improved Magic Resistance +2

10 Talent: Artificer (Armory, Carpentry, Engineer, Masonry, Smith) (TL3) +2

Can Buy DR +1

0 Native Clan Dialect, (Broken Old Dwarven, Broken Orcish)

-40 or -20 Enemy: Hunted by Izrador, all the time, 9 or less OR rarely, 6 or less

-5 Reduced Move -1


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