Tall, strong humans, commonly known as Northmen, descended from the Old Kings and still living in the north of Eredane. Dorns tend toward pale skin and light-colored hair and eyes, though both male and female Dorns often shave their heads. They once wore their hair long, with metal rings woven into it, but this practice has fallen away, replaced by shaven heads as a sign of shame at their defeat.

Death was long seen as preferable to dishonor by many Dorns, and when their culture was flourishing, it was founded on codes of honor and behavior and oaths of fealty. Since the betrayal of the Night King Jahzir, and the defeat of the northern kings, many Dorns are loyal only to themselves, and many do not remember the ways of their ancestors.

The north no longer has functioning Dornish authority of any kind, and the Northmen live their lives in hiding, either attempting to avoid notice, or finding ways to fight against the Shadow however they can.

Dornish warriors, who might be men or women, have learned to ride since the arrival of the Sarcosians long ago, but most still prefer to fight on foot, wielding heavy weapons. Those who go about armed are of course part of the resistance, and are killed on sight by any Orcs who encounter them – the feeling is of course mutual.

Dornish Names: Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Gaelic, Scandanavian, Teutonic


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