Dorn Hill

Geirrod Dornill is the blacksmith leader of the people of Dorn Hill

Dorn Hill is a village east of Waymeet. Unlike neighboring villages, many important buildings in Dorn Hill are built of stone, like scavenged from some ruin nearby from the time before Izrador. On stones here and there, markings can still be seen from wherever it is they were found.

The people of Dorn Hill are tall and strong like most Dorns, and many of them are eager at a chance to resist the Shadow, even in a small way. They are happy to have the addition of the Erenlander villagers, swelling the number of defenders to 70 able-bodied men and a few women. There are around 20 or 30 more Dorns in the village who are not going to be fighting, but are still able to support – children too young to wield a weapon but strong enough to carry a bucket, for example.

Two of the Dorns have shortbows, and other Dorns have weapons they’ve hidden in their thatch roofs or beneath the floor of their homes, buried in cellars and so on. There are many knives, a few hammers and hatchets, and any number of pitch-forks. About 20 of the defenders have been given spears, some old and a bit rusty, others hastily-made by the smith, his sons and a few Erenlander artisans. Around 10 of the defenders are skilled with slings.

The breakdown is something like this (none of these are soldiers):

spears 20 (orange): these have reach 1 and some training

hatchets 5 (blue): these deal good damage but aren’t very combat-trained

hammers 3 (blue): these guys are heavy-hitters and know what they’re doing

slings 10 (green): range 6, but many of these are little older than kids

shortbows 2 (blue): genuine hunters, accurate, range 10

knives 10 (purple): some combat training, only effective in close, mostly fierce women

farm tools (grain flails, pitchforks, staves), clubs, etc. 30 (yellow): largely no combat training

all have DR 1, wearing leather and winter clothing but no real armor

The rough defense plan:

A central area of the village has been blocked off and barricaded between the stone buildings to slow entry. The defenders are mostly within this area – probably slingers and archers on rooftops and below crowds of the rest, many of whom have some fighting skills, but few know anything of soldiering or fighting as a unit. Armor is mostly layered cloth or leather clothing.

The Orcs are to be allowed to enter town. Outside the makeshift barricades, hidden among the buildings, will be a group of surprise attackers – probably the best fighters in the group wielding the best weapons they can find. They they strike, Emre has promised that it will panic the Orcs and they will flee, enabling the defenders to cut them down as they run.

A pitfall trap was set along the road leading into Dorn Hill, and only one of the two wagons was seen approaching the village – presumably the other is stuck, or possibly damaged.

What you know about the Orcs and Goblins: between 20 and 30 Orcs coming in, armed and armored as usual, and two Goblin slave wagons with about a dozen Goblins. From experience, you know that some of the Goblins are essentially non-combatants who will only fight to defend themselves.

Dorn Hill

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