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  • On the Celestial and Supernal Orders

    It is a book written long ago (the date is based on the reign of a king whose name is lost to history) concerning celestial, or supernal, beings and creatures then believed to exist. They were understood to intervene in mortal affairs, even providing …

  • On the Infernal Orders

    The companion volume to On the Celestial and Supernal Orders. This text is a mirror-image of it's sister-text, beginning with human beings and then proceeding ever downward, giving what information the scholar had about each type of creature, down into …

  • Thaumatologie

    Thaumatologie is an advanced treatise on theories of magic, written by Idril Miriel (transliteration), who seems to have been some kind of powerful Elf channeler living and working in [[The Spire | the Spire]].

  • The Waygate Directory

    -->Maeve should be the focus of the Waygate use. She is a breaker of barriers - in this case, a barrier between the fey and the Humans. Similarly, she is the start of the breaking of the barrier in place after the Sundering. A herald of things to come. …