Tag: Outriders


  • Fariel

    Fariel is the leader of a few dozen resistance outriders fighting in the region around Baden's Bluff. They live off the land and off of quiet donations from the supporters who remain alive, striking against supply routes and deliveries to feed and equip …

  • Sanjar

    Sanjar is a Sarcosian horse-archer who has been riding with Fariel for some time now. He is quick, quiet and has been riding longer than he has been walking.

  • Susanna

    Susanna is a southerner who came north from the region of Aruun for reasons she does not discuss. She has been with the outriders for years, but even with all the fighting and privation has not visibly aged in that time. She is a skilled herbalist, …

  • Red

    Red is feral - even other Halflings avoid him. He is one of the only living things that comfortably eats Goblin and Orc-flesh, and their smell lingers about him. This lets him sneak closer than others to their camps - they don't pick up his scent. …