Tag: Orcs


  • Skab

    Skab is the leader of the Orc 'warband' of around a dozen or so stationed in Waymeet. They are small enough that even taking whatever they want, they can be supported by the town, though during the lean months of winter, even their small burden on the …

  • Grund [Deceased]

    Grund is an Orc veteran and the leader of the Bloody Mother warband that has been sent to reinforce Waymeet. He is not as large as many other Orcs, but his eyes burn with a cruel light, and he walks arrogantly among them as if he has nothing to fear. …

  • Chieftain Gorun [DECEASED]

    Gorun is huge, brutal and bored, and he is in command of orcs who are considered the dregs of the city. Like a number of the orcs under his command, Gorun carries permanent injuries, making him move like one older than he is. Even so, he maintains his …

  • Fraag Longtusk

    With Gorun's untimely demise, Fraag has an issue of blood-vengance to attend to, and he is bringing some Blood Wolves with him, including his personal Uruk bodyguards and the Tribe-Mother of the Blood Wolves.