Tag: Legates


  • Legate Karix [DECEASED]

    DECEASED Karix is the highest-ranking Human in Waymeet, which is not saying much. He is responsible for the maintenance of the Shrine to Izrador which sits at the center of town, but sacrifices are rare and are almost always criminals. Karix does not …

  • Legate Korrin

    In light of what appears to be escalating Resistance activity in Baden's Bluff, Korrin has been called up to lead investigations into who is behind them. He specializes in finding and torturing those who resist the Shadow, and has lived in Baden's Bluff …

  • Legate Philibus [DECEASED]

    Legate Philibus is the chief administrator for the Temple of Shadow - not a position one would think carried a lot of prestige, but Philibus has a great deal of status and wealth both. He has taken somewhat to politicking, but has not been able to …

  • Legate Denarius

    The most vocal opponent of these “false cults of Izrador” is a legate named Denarius, a gray-haired giant of a man from the northern wastes. He has thus far resisted his natural impulse to cleave through the congregations of cultists who twist his …

  • Samael the Pardoned

    Samael led a resistsance movement in southern Erenland against Sunulael's forces centered in Cambrial, the City of the Dead. He was defeated, of course, and then broken, "redeemed", and is now an ardent servant of the Priest of Shadow.

  • Legate Toricus

    Legate Toricus was assigned to the Blood Wolves as punishment for some significant infraction in his past. The Blood Wolves have found him useful, since Izrador has given him gifts that help them move quickly from battlefield to battlefield