Baden Burning

Act 1 Session 5
The end of Act 1

The heroes made their preparations to accomplish the task that the resistance leadership has set before them. In brief, it was to infiltrate a supply shipment headed for the Burning Line to the west. They were to ensure that magical contraband was present in the shipment, and to enable Niklas Dornill, Cyrus, Kendall Hunter, Kennth, Callan, Emre, Jin, and Verrick to be present with the shipment. The heroes decided to bring along another Dorn Hill refugee in order to fill out a unit of 6 human “Watchmen”.

They successfully prepared, building a hidden enclosure for Emre to live in, purchasing poisons to use en-route, visiting one of the resistance caches to make sure they had weapons and armor as needed. They were also able to smuggle the contraband onto one of the wagons, forge documents to support all they did.

During their week-long trip out, Jin was able to convince the slaves accompanying them on the caravan to assist the heroes in poisoning the Goblin drovers, Orcs and Soldier Legate.

When the time came, the poison was distributed, incapacitating more than half the Goblins and Orcs and weakening all of them significantly. In the ensuing battle, the heroes were able to leave none alive, with fire, blades or poison eliminating their foes. During the battle, Jin and Emre both experienced the second manifestation of their Heroic Paths.

They were able to move the wagons to a cave structure off the western road and to conceal them, but something of what they had done seemed to have attracted a number of Fell who hurled themselves at the player-characters, stunning some of them with fear and pummeling others. With preparation, however, the heroes were able to hold the line until the Fell stopped coming, leaving a mound of long-dead bodies as a barrier of gore.

Only days later, the Resistance Outriders arrived at the cave structure, celebrating the PCs’ victories and the needed influx of supplies and fresh, high-quality horses.

The leader of the resistance outriders is a Sarcosian named Fariel, also known as the “Black Rider”. He speaks some Erenlander and Trader’s Tongue for those who do not speak his native tongue. He seems to be some kind of southern nobility, related to one of the “sussars” of Sarcosian culture who did not side with the Shadow as the majority did.

Riding with Fariel are almost three dozen others, a majority of which are other Sarcosians with a few Erenlanders mixed in, and a minority of Halfling wolf-riders, much wilder than their civilized kin. Most have more than one mount, able to switch between them in order to travel faster than those who chase them – primarily frustrated, un-mounted Orc patrolls and a few focused and dangerous groups of Legates.

Fariel is in periodic communication with resistance leadership in Baden’s Bluff – by unknown magical means – and is able to coordinate with them to a limited degree. Otherwise, the outriders work independently, damaging the Shadow where they can and living off the land and the support of the few who are brave enough to secretly do so. They are most effective skirmishing with Orc footsoldiers and attacking supply caravans. They are also able to occasionally trade with resistors living in the south and even on occasion the Elves of the west, personally or through connections.

Act 1 Session 4

Spotlight character: Verrick

The aftermath of the destruction of the Cerogen warehouse, the murder of almost a dozen Cerogen guards, and the escape of dozens of slaves is significant to say the least. More guard patrols fill the streets, and for the entirety of the day following the attack, Zaindal is visible swooping over the city, filling people with fear and clearing the streets. More people than usual are seized and interrogated, and searches become more commonplace.

Kenneth continues his stakeout of both Lem Cerogen and the Orc Skab, and decides that hitting Lem is going to be easier. Though both are formidable, Skab is a trained Orc veteran, whereas Lem is a very large man with a hammer who has not likely seen battle in his life. Kenneth chooses his place and time, and also over the course of the next few weeks, experiences the second manifestation of is Heroic Path, that of the Shadow Walker, gaining increased reflexes, fearlessness, and the ability to fight even in absolute darkness.

Emre continues to seek to consolidate his holdings in the Stone Docks, and finds that -in doing so, he is bumping against Delwen Todorovich, the most influential Gnomish trader working the Stone Docks. He encourages Bron to go for targetd killings, weeding out competitors, and among other things, this results in Bron killing an entire Gnome family who had begun smuggling food and charms into the Steeps without going through him. Emre also has time to observe Bron – his emotional detachment as well as what appear to be unusually fast reflexes and movement. He finds that Bron resonates with magical energy as if he was a magical object.

Callan busies himself with an extended reunion with his wife Melie and daughter Ana, seeking a place for them to live together and avoiding guard raids seeking escaped slaves in the city’s slums.

Jin continues to build a reputation for herself, both as a baddass duelist and fighter as well as a worker for the resistance. She commissions a painting depicting her as the famed Sarcosian cultural hero Robbin’ Hoof, and then further commissions the same artist, a Dorn named Gemel, to depict Zaindal in detail. She also brings in Emre to help her negotiate with Kaveh with regard to her debt. She reduces her payments, but extends the term of repayment. Emre builds a new mercantile relationship with Kaveh, and Kaveh seems most pleased of the three.

Interspersed with all of this, Verrick moves through his Legate training. He is pummeled in combat training, demonstrating that the staff is the only weapon he can really be trusted with, and that the path of the soldier Legate is not for him (demonstrated at the expense of Legate testicles at one point). He endures a great deal of bias against him as he is trained first with children, and then with teenagers, and finally with the ‘graduating’ class of young adults, ready to take on the mantle of Legate. He receives training in the occult and in basic magic spells. He is called upon to lead a high ritual, during which he sacrifices one of the Dorn Hill refugees, letting his blood drain into the dark mirror to feed Sunulael, the Priest of Shadow. He swears binding oaths to the Shadow, and feels them clench around his heart, along with crushing guilt and remorse.

At last, he is taken in to be fully raised to Legate status, along with two others who become lesser Legates beside him. He swears more oaths to service of the Shadow and of the order of Legates. He has a vision of a shaft of light falling into the room, piercing him, and warmth flooding through him. This is the second manifestation of his Heroic Path, that of the Sunderborn, and as a result, he gains the supernatural ability to read, speak and understand all languages he encounters. Lying near him is a shining silver feather, which he slips into his robes.

At long last, the heroes are called to a clandestine meeting, which turns out to be a meeting with members of the resistance. The heroes (absent Emre) are called upon to help the resistance achieve a significant vicotry – to redirect a caravan of supplies on it’s way to the Burning Line so that it can be used by resistance riders fighting an insurgency in the wide rolling grasslands south of the city.

The job is complex and difficult – it will require that they forge and manipulate the manifest and orders surrounding the caravan, that they infiltrate its guards and slaves, that they hide a magical object that will be placed with the caravan, that they overthrow it at an opportune time, and then guard it until the outriders are able to find them and take the equipment.

Act 1 Session 3

The sixth session of Baden Burning centered upon Verrick beginning his path to becoming a Legate, Emre continuing to build underworld connections in the The Steeps and then in the Stone Docks, but most importantly Callan liberating his wife and daughter from the Cerogen compound in the center of the city.

Callan was successful, with the help of the other heroes of Baden’s Bluff, causing a great deal of commotion, killing over a half-dozen Cerogen guards, and freeing not only his wife and daughter, but a few dozen other slaves, who fled into the city in a rush, their flight covered by a massive explosion.

Kenneth was recruited into the The Avenging Knives, and given his first assignment – kill either Skab or Lem Cerogen.

Act 1 Session 2
Goodnight, Grund

Spotlight: Kenneth

A month has passed. Jin has continued to meet with Cyrus, her resistance contact, and she has learned that there are safe-houses and caches scattered throughout the city. She has learned how to access some of them, and has also learned more about the city itself.

Verrick, through his work in the Temple of Shadow, has learned that the Legates are divided, at the highest levels, between two groups called the The Cabal and the The Devout. Unfortunately, he does not yet know which sect he works for.

Kenneth has been skulking around the Tidewood district, and has noticed that men and women who don’t look quite like sailors will go out onto the sea in fishing boats when the sea is high a stormy, and they return near the end of the day, and always when they return, a storm is rising, driving everyone indoors. This happens only in the Worm Docks as far as he has seen.

Emre continues to train with Serge in The CalAmity, and has also had an opportunity to meet with Bron, the leader of The Flayers. It is unknown what the result of this meeting was, exactly.

Lastly, Callan has located his wife and daughter – they are working as slaves in the Cerogen family compound in the Guildhall region of the Bellows district.

Kenneth has spent much of his time exercising to become stronger, and he has also found a better place to live and extra sources of income. Jin and Verrick continue to work to help the refugees integrate into the city, and the refugess themselves have started a Watch, headed up by a hero of the Battle of Dorn Hill, Niklas Dornill.

Grund had been undergoing secret training in the bowels of the Temple of Shadow, and began circulating through the city, roughing up and interrogating people who came from Waymeet, starting with Verrick and then moving to Jin and Kenneth and others like Shipporah. He was personally investigating incidents like the death of Legate Karix and the successful resistance at Dorn Hill.

He crossed paths with Kenneth, but did not remember him. Kenneth, on the other hand, remembered Grund all too well, and decided he had to kill him. A plan was worked out – Jin would lead others in creating a distraction and drawing guards away from the part of the Crown district where Grund’s new house was. Kenneth would sneak into his house and hide inside until Grund slept, and then emerge to slit his throat in vengeance.

Jin took on the pseudonym “Jean Valjean” and led Emre, Callan, Asa, Niklas, Kendall and two other young men from Dorn Hill in an attack on Orcs and human guards in the Crown. Six Orcs were downed with poisoned weapons, and everyone excaped alive, though about half were wounded. Thee Orcs were branded with the sign of the victory of Dorn Hill, and Jin told the story of the great Sarcosian hero “Robbin’ Hoof”, a famous rider who robbed the rich and gave to the poor in the lands to the south.

Meanwhile, Kenneth broke into Grund’s home, barely escaping being caught by guards, and hid in a chest at the foot of his bed. Once Grund was asleep, Kenneth silently emerged, and slit his throat from ear to ear. The last thing Grund saw as he drowned in his own blood was Kenneth’s face and his own severed ear which Kenneth had carried since his wife and daughter were killed. Kenneth found some money, documents, and the knife that Grund always carried. In Grund’s blood, he drew the symbol of the victory of Dorn Hill.

Rumors spread quickly through the city, especially through the Crown and Leewall, of the attack on the Orcs that night. In reprisal, guards and Orcs ransacked a few homes and questioned who they could, but apart from a symbol found branded and drawn in blood, they could not yet find who was responsible.

Working with the documents that Kenneth stole, Verrick was able to clear Jin, Callan and himself from official suspicion which arose from Grund’s investigation. He also learned that the other Orcs are being trained in “special operations” by one of the greater Legates in the crypt beneath the Temple of Shadow.

Verrick resolves to become a Legate, in order to be even more useful and influential.

Callan, having found his wife and child, needs to break them out of the Cerogen compound. It is very common for slaves to be worked to death while there, and the Cerogens are long-time worshippers of the Shadow, and therefore almost certainly practice humanoid sacrifice.

Act 1 Session 1

Spotlight: Emre

The PCs entered Baden’s Bluff surruptitiously, following after the refugees from Dorn Hill and Clear-water, which have set up camp in the Quarries section of the Tidewater district of the city.

Following Kenneth’s lead, the first night in the city they climbed down near the level of the low tide on a moonless night to locate a grotto where the Sea of Pelluria cut into the weathered pale rock. There they met Lowell and a pair of allies he had brought with him.

Emre’s sneaky spell gave them warning of an ambush, and they drove away the thugs while capturing Lowell. Interrogating him, they found out that he was a member of the Flayers gang, purportedly a powerful gang in the Steeps district of the city who are busy expanding their territory and control. After some deliberation, Lowell was set free, partially in the hope that he would speak with Bron, the leader of the Flayers, about a possible business connection with Emre.

The PCs began to establish themselves in the city. Jin is working for a Sarcosian trader named Kaveh, the one to whom she is indebted, and she is seeking her contact in the resistance. Kenneth is now working for Kaveh as well as an animal handler and, functionally, as Jin’s assistant. Verrick, given the option, chose the most powerful and most dangerous post available to him, as an administrator in the Temple of Shadow in the Crown district of the city, the heart of darkness as it were. Callan spent his time searching for his wife and daughter, both working as slaves in the city.

Difficulties were arising for the refugees in the Quarries – extortion, theft, and escalating fights with those who are preying on them. The PCs provided some advice – perhaps the refugees could form their own gang, or at least set up regular patrols. The proud villages felt they were above creating a gang, but agreed to set watches and to be ready to respond to further threats.

For unknown reasons (as of yet), a sweep was performed in the Quarries, led by Legates and their Astirax companions and supported by units of Orcs. Verrick distracted the Legate sent to rough up the refugee camps by presenting his certification. Ushered to the Tussle House in Leewall to enjoy some opium with a few Legates.

Meanwhile, Emre met Serge, another channeler with the ability to hide his ability well enough to foil the nearby Astirax. The two set up a meeting on a ship called the Calamity in the Worm Docks.

The ship turned out to be the The CalAmity, previously known as the Captain’s Amity, seemingly run aground long ago, half-buried in silt and listing, inhabited by beggars and other homeless from the city.

There, in Serge’s squalid room, Emre began training in the ability to detect magic, the prerequisite to the ability to conceal magic. He and Serge traded techniques, and Serge is willing to provide the PCs with opportunities to bring him information. The implication is that Serge may be part of the resistance.

Prelude Session 3

The Battle of Dorn Hill was both quick and brutal. The Orcs and Goblins were destroyed utterly, while 15 villagers fell, 7 of whom are likely to live. Verrick and Asa also took serious wounds, and while Verrick is recovering steadily, Asa is mending more slowly, and will have a significant scar.

After days of scouting the area and debate, the leaders of Clear-Water and Dorn Hill agreed to bring their people with the PCs to Baden’s Bluff, while the people of Wooten chose to flee to the east, hopefully away from Orcs in the south and Fell in the north.

On the trek north, the PCs were able to lead the Fell away from the main force of villagers and toward Waymeet, assuming, with good reason, that it is if anything full of Fell itself. Kenneth discovered that the Fell are tireless, but they lack sharp perceptions.

The PCs arrived at the sea, where Emre negotiated passage into the city with a fishing village – the crossing will take a number of days, but is possible, with a great deal of food and supplies traded away for the privilige. Jin informed the villagers that things would be very difficult for them in Baden’s Bluff, and that the PCs would not be able to support then very well there, if at all. Crestfallen, they continued.

The journey north to the coast, swinging wide to the east to avoid the ruined villages which are likely to be swarming with Fell, took more than a week, with most of the 200 villagers following the PCs going relatively slowly.

It is unknown whether Orcs followed their trail, but it is almost certain that some of them are.

Kenneth enters Baden’s Bluff, and after a day of hard work, he is able to contact Lowell, an Erenlander who works for the resistance, and the two of them set a time and place to meet in the Quarry district so that the PCs are able to integrate into the resistance when they enter the city.

Prelude Session 2

The player-characters begin centered around Legate Karix, found face-down poisoned in his own office by Verrick. Callan is introduced as Karix’s slave. It is determined that Karix is still alive, so Verrick smothers him with a pillow – just moments before Lem Cerogen and the commander of the new units of Orcs come in to investigate.

Kenneth returns with Jin’s horses after a few days of alone time in the wilderness, and the party makes their escape between Orc patrols. They are joined by Asa, who wants to learn to fight and join the resistance, and Shipporah and her two apprentices.

The PCs evade Orc patrols, and one night see another traveling party’s campfire, but do not investigate.

They arrive in the village of Wooten, which is evacuating people and at a loss as to what to do, unable to defend itself against Orcs but unwilling to abandon the village entirely in autumn. Led by Mayor Landry, they join the PCs heading north to the next village.

At the village of Clear-water, the PCs do a similar thing, evacuating some and bringing others with them, led by Elder Sinne and the other village elders.

The PCs arrive at Dorn Hill and organize the villagers to make a stand. Kenneth sabotages at least one wagon, and then everyone regroups to the village as night falls and the Orcs approach. Kenneth’s count was between 20 and 30 Orcs and Goblins on their way. The PCs have organized 80 villagers in the defense, including Asa, a couple with bows, hammers or axes; many with spears, a few with knives, others with slings, and 30 more with various improvised weapons.

The fortify the town as well as they can and make ready.

Prelude Session 1

The player-characters meet at the Colby farm, are interrupted by Orcs. Over the next couple of days, they assemble evidence that slave-wagons are coming to Baden’s Bluff, and that local villagers from the surrounding area will be rounded up.

Paperwork is shuffled such that the wagons will be delayed, and the Cerogen family is implicated in the delay itself.

The climax of the session is when Verrick, after the PCs have begun to make plans for their departure, poisons Legate Karix just as a large number of Orcs are arriving in town.

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