The Waygate Directory


The Waygate Directory is a mithril-bound book, magically preserved, which was chained to the wall of the library on the fourth floor of the Spire in Baden’s Bluff. It is written in a very old form of High Elven. Outside of Elven lands, Verrick is likely one of the only ones who can read it.


—>Maeve should be the focus of the Waygate use. She is a breaker of barriers – in this case, a barrier between the fey and the Humans. Similarly, she is the start of the breaking of the barrier in place after the Sundering. A herald of things to come.

The Waygate Directory seems to be a record of a system of gates which the ancient Elves created to assist them in traveling from place to place throughout Eredane. There is one Waygate in the Spire itself (though who knows if it still functions), and apparently there are, or were, others linked with other Elven embassies and in the various Elven lands.

The Waygate Directory

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