Snow Elf Fighting Knife

A specialized fighting knife used by the Erunsil of the north

weapon (melee)

Functionally, this is a ‘very fine’ Large Knife by GURPS rules, meaning it is much harder to break and deals 2 extra damage when used either to thrust or to cut. If the owner does not use a 5pt Advantage to represent the knife, or if s/he could not normally afford a knife that is worth 20 times the listed price, then the fighting knife counts as ‘fine’, costing only 4 times the listed price, and dealing 1 extra damage.


Along with the Icewood Bow, the Snow Elf fighting knife is a signature weapon used by the Erunsil. Any fighting knife that is not in the hands of the Erunsil is a rare thing, and there is a good chance the grim Elves of the north might feel the need to take the knife back from whoever is carrying it.

Snow Elf Fighting Knife

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