Blade of the Baden Kings

The ancestral sword of the rightful rulers of Baden's Bluff and the surrounding lands

weapon (melee)

The Blade of the Baden Kings is, in GURPS terms, a thrusting greatsword of ancient design and origin.


Helrion Baden wields the Blade, though few know it’s true nature and origin. It appears to be a long, heavy two-handed blade in the Dornish style. Helrion has never had the need to wield it in public, so it’s capabilities are not widely known.

For those who know such things (with the History skill, for example), the Blade was originally forged by the Dwarves who came across the Sea of Pelluria to assist in the building of the city. It was a gift at the coronation of the first king of the Baden line to rule from the newly-built city.

When the city was surrendered to the Shadow, the sword was hidden, but it’s location was revealed by traitors and it was seized and delivered to the “Bastard Count”.

Blade of the Baden Kings

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