Victor Fausebender [DECEASED]

A tall, thin, near-starving man who haunts the Quarry and Steeps districts of Baden's Bluff


Victor Fausebender is a 105pt character.

On first and even second glance, Victor seems to be one of many men in dire straits in the poorer districts of Baden’s Bluff. He scavenges his food and whatever few possessions he has at any given time.

Victor is very tall, dressed in greys and browns, and his beard and hair are both bristly and iron-colored.

Victor [106/105pts]
100 ST 13 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 10
10 High Pain Threshold
10 Strong Will +2
10 Callous
-10 Duty: Tomas Baden
-30 Secret
-10 Struggling
-4 Unattractive Appearance
48 Acting 13, Area Knowledge: Baden’s Bluff 13, Climbing 13, Disguise 12, Escape 12, Holdout 14, Jumping 14, Knife 14, Observation 12, Scrounging 13, Shortsword 12
Move 5.75; Dodge 8, Parry 8 (Knife)
Large Knige 14 1d
imp/2d-3 cut; Shortsword 1d imp 2d-1 cut


“Wiktor” Fausebender is a lanky ghost of a man who haunts the Quarry and Steeps districts of Baden’s Bluff. He easily blends in with the other refugees, criminals and desperate types.

What Victor does have is a reputation as a man to be left alone. He is never robbed or hassled by other criminals or street toughs, but is accorded an amount of respect by those who recognize him.

Victor Fausebender [DECEASED]

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