Dwarrow administrator, forger, nascent poisoner and newly-raised lesser Legate


Verrick [155pts, 5 unspent]

ST 10 DX 12 IQ 13 HT 11
Heroic Path: Sunderborn
First manifestation: Power Investiture 1; Bravery and Sense Spirit at IQ + Power Investiture
Second manifestation: Tongues
Third manifestation: Haste, Minor Healing and Levitation at IQ

20 Gnome-raised Dwarrow
-Charisma +2
-ST -1
-Dark Vision
-Can buy DR 1
15 Alternate Identity
10 Comfortable Wealth
5 Government Contacts
5 Reputation +1 (inversely interpreted by the Legates and the Resistance)
-5 Addiction: Opiates
-10 Flashbacks
-15 Guilt Complex
-10 Reputation -2
-5 Distractible, Responsive, Careful, Missing Tips of Little Fingers, ???
-5 Sense of Duty to the Resistance
-5 Disciplines of Faith
Acting 15, Administration 16, Area Knowledge 16, Current Affairs 14, Fast Talk 16, Forgery 15, Law 15, Occultism 14, Poisons 14, Religious Ritual 13, Riding 11, Search 14, Staff 14, Theology 14
Bravery 14, Sense Spirit 14, Detect Magic 11, Seek Magic 12, Haste 14, Minor Healing 14, Levitation 14
Native Spoken Trader’s Tongue, Native Spoken/Written Black Speech, Native Spoken Erenlander
Move 4.75, Dodge 8, Parry 12 (staff)
Forgery Kit, Quarterstaff


Verrick, upon arrival in Baden’s Bluff, found he was able to simply re-insinuate himself into the Shadow’s bureaucracy. Presented with the options of working in the Government House in relative safety, or working for a local Legate personally once again, he opted to work in the Temple of Shadow under High Legate Cerano himself, a post that brings both the highest risk and the highest potential reward in terms of information and influence.

Since coming to Baden’s Bluff, Verrick has become an administrator in the Temple of Shadow, and is steadily moving up the ranks. He has set his sights on becoming a Legate.


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