Tomas Baden

The secretive heart of the resistance in Baden's Bluff


Tomas Baden is a 250pt character, and has been the leader of the resistance in Baden’s Bluff for years. With his passion and vision, it has become more successful that at any time in the past.

Tomas Baden [251/250pts]
150 ST 14 DX 12 IQ 14 HT 11 (17 FP)
15 Alternate Identity
10 Charisma +2
12 Extra Energy +6
25 Magical Aptitude +2
15 Oracle
10 Reputation +4 (resistance supporters)
5 Status +2 (unofficial)
10 Comfortable
-10 Code of Honor
-40 Enemy: the Shadow, 9 or less
-10 Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents
-30 Secret (for the alternate identity)
-10 Sense of Duty: Baden’s Bluff
-5 Workaholic
66 Area Knowledge: Baden’s Bluff 15, Boating 14, Broadsword 12, Detect Lies 14, Fishing 15, Knife 14, Leadership 16, Sailing 14, Stealth 16, Strategy 15, Tactics 15, Two-Handed Sword 14, Weather Sense 16
Spells @15; Seek Water, Purify Water, Create Water, Shape Water, Frost, Fog, Current, Tide, Rain, Hail, Storm, Lightening, Shocking Touch, Windstorm, Spark Storm, Lightening Weapon
Purify Air, Seek Air, Create Air, Shape Air, Wall of Wind, Wind Storm, Wind, Essential Air

Dodge 7; Parry 10; DR 3/5 (chainmail)
Thrusting Greatsword 14 1d+2 imp/2d+2 cut


Tomas Baden is the scion of the old ruling Baden family who ruled the city before the Shadow came. Baden’s Bluff chose to surrender rather than be destroyed, and while other members of the Baden family rule as puppet lords of the Shadow, the one many believe is the true leader of the old family is the leader of the resistance.

Stories tell that he is a sorcerer, a charmer, a warrior, a fisherman, handsome, disfigured and any number of things. If it was easy to find and meet him, he would long since have been dead, and he has foiled dozens of assassination attempts over the course of his life.

On the other hand, some say that Tomas Baden bolsters his own reputation, to seem greater than he truly is. Perhaps the Shadow prefers a known entity to an unknown one – the enemy they know may be preferable to a new one arising in secret.

Tomas Baden

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