A veteran Orc soldier and the leader of the small warband stationed at Waymeet, relocated to Baden's Bluff


Skab is approximately a 75pt character.

Skab is grey-green with a huge red birthmark covering half of his face. Like all Bloody Mother Clan orcs, he spikes his hair with a mixture that includes blood, though working for a Legate, he changes it before it attracts too many flies.


Skab is the leader of the Orc ‘warband’ of around a dozen or so stationed in Waymeet. They are small enough that even taking whatever they want, they can be supported by the town, though during the lean months of winter, even their small burden on the town can be a bitter one.

Like most Orcs, Skab is usually awake from the evening to dawn, and his warband forces the two local drinking establishments to stay open all night as well.

Skab doesn’t move as well as younger Orcs, likely suffering from some lingering injuries, but for now he makes up for it in cunning and guile.

Skab and his Dead Mother Orcs has been overshadowed by Grund’s larger company of Bloody Mother Orcs, and Skab is bitter about it.

Having relocated to Baden’s Bluff, Skab is now working for Legate Idis with a few loyal Bloody Mother Orcs.


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