Shipporah [DECEASED]

A Gnome midwife who was the closest thing to a healer in Waymeet, raising two Gnome orphans, fled to Baden's Bluff


Shipporah is known to have access to the following Skills: Diagnosis, First Aid, Herb Lore and Physician. She maintains an herb garden, which draws scrutiny from the Orcs but Legate Karix long ago determined that the herbs she was growing were non-magical in nature, and local rather than Elvish. Secretly, she does cultivate a number of contraband herbs, some of which have uses in creating poisons. Verrick and Callan are two of her customers.

Shipporah is about a 75pt character, in case she is taken as an Ally.

Shipporah [65/75pts]
50 ST 7 DX 10 IQ 13 HT 11
15 Gnome
-ST -2, HT +1
-Charisma +2
-Size -1
-Night Vision +5
-Talent: Business Acumen (Accounting, Gambling, Merchant, Smuggling, etc.) (TL 3) +2
3 Native Trader’s Tongue, Broken Black Speech, Accented Erenlander
5 Reputation: Skilled herbalist +2
-5 Move -1
-10 Secret
-15 Sense of Duty: Sick or injured people, orphans
27 Herb Lore 13, Diagnosis 13, Diplomacy 12, Farming 13, Merchant 15, Parenting (MH) 13, Stealth 13, Surgery 13


Shipporah lives in Waymeet and serves as midwife to the nearby villages as well as the town proper. She has some limited knowledge of medicine and herbs, the extend of which she keeps secret as well as she can for fear of people believing she is a channeler or spellcaster of some kind. Her husband was taken into slavery due to debts they could not pay, and her own daughter died during a harsh winter years ago. She is currently raising two Gnome orphans, training them as her apprentices.

As a result of Emre’s warning, Shipporah has begun packing up and looking for a way to flee Waymeet without drawing attention to herself. She cannot afford a writ, and has to take contraband with her, she so is likely to flee with any large group of townspeople.

Shipporah joined the PCs when they left Waymeet, and is still with them for the Battle of Dorn Hill and, presumably (if she survives), afterward as well.

Shipporah’s two orphan apprentice Gnomes are Haya and Meribel. They are sisters whos parents were executed for smuggling when they were younger, and Shipporah was a distant cousin of her parents.

Once she is in Baden’s Bluff, Shipporah hopes to find a place among the Gnomes living there. Though her offer still stands, it is unlikely that Asa will be remaining as an apprentice midwife.

For now, Shipporah is helping to tend the wounded among the refugees, but she will need to set up shop somewhere in the city, drawing on Gnome trader contacts if possible.

Shipporah was taken in by Legate Korrin, and has not been seen since.

Shipporah [DECEASED]

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