Prince Orn Umbar

A Pirate Prince, now closely allied with the Resistance


Prince Orn Umbar is a 150pt character

Serving under him are four Captains – three Dorns who are 100pt characters and one Miransil who is a 125pt character.

Prince Orn Umbar [153/150pts]
90 ST 12 DX 11 IQ 12 HT 11
20 Allies: his four Captains, loyal and tested
10 Charisma 2
15 Status 3
30 Very Wealthy
-10 Duty: this his crews
-40 Enemy: Shadow forces throughout Pellurian Sea, hunted
-5 Pirate Code of Honor
-10 Sense of Duty: his Captains, ships and crews
Area Knowledge 14, Axe/Mace 12, Boating 13, Broadsword 12, Climbing 12, Intimidation 15, Leadership 15, Merchant 13, Navigation 12, Sailing 13, Savoire-Faire 12, Smuggling 13, Strategy 12, Tactics 12
Fine Thrusting Broadsword 12 1d
1 imp/ 2d cut


Prince Orn Umbar claims to be an heir to the Kingdom of Clan Umbar in the north, now little more than a memory after the decimation of the Dornish peoples at the hands of Izrador’s forces. Now Orn plies the Sea of Pelluria, raiding shipments and skirmishing with Orc Marines. He recently came into a great deal of plunder – able to salvage supplies from five huge dromons and from two full supply ships taken with the help of the Resistance.

Prince Orn Umbar

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