A broken, failed insurgent, left to live as a beggar on the city's streets


Ortwin is a 80pt character with a lot of Disadvantages

Ortwin [70/80pts]
70 ST 12 DX 11 IQ 11 (WL 13) HT 15 (20)
5 Contact: Victor Fausebender
10 Hard to Subdue +5
10 Hard to Kill +5
10 Strong Will +2
-10 Alcoholic
-10 Move -2 (limp/lame)
-15 Poor
-20 Secret: Resistance
-5 Status -1
25 Area Knowledge 12, Broadsword 12, Carousing 15, Scrounging 12, Singing 15, Stealth 12, Survival 11, Swimming 15, Tactics 11


Rumor has it that Ortwin organized a group of other resisters and tried to get something going in the city. They burned a few buildings and killed a few Orcs before they were caught by Legates and handed over to torturers. Most of his companions were killed slowly, but Ortwin was simply broken and left to beg on the streets as a reminder to everyone who sees him what happens when one tries to resist the Shadow.

He has a reputation for having more than one life, like a cat, and has survived situations he should not have.

When begging, he often sings for his food, and he has a superb voice, though a bit strained from hard living. It is also no secret that he drinks as much alcohol as he can.


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