Niklas Dornill

Niklas of Dorn Hill is one of the heroes of the Battle of Dorn Hill, a brave axe-wielding farmer's son


Niklas is a 75pt character.

He is tall, loud, and has a thin young-man’s beard he is very proud of.

Niklas of Dorn Hill [75/75pts]
50 ST 13 DX 11 IQ 9 HT 12
2 Fearless 1
5 Fine Battle Axe
5 Reputation +2, a hero of Dorn Hill
10 Strong Will +2
-5 Hatred: Orcs
-10 Overconfidence
-10 Sense of Duty: fellow villagers
26 Animal Handling 10, Axe/Mace 12, Brawling 13, Farming 10, Riding 11, Survival 9, Two-Handed Axe/Mace 13
Dodge 8, Parry 9 (unbalanced), DR 2
Fine Battle Axe 13 2d
3 cut, punch 11 1d-1 cru


Niklas is one of the heroes of the Battle of Dorn Hill, who slew one of the Orcish sergeants with an axe-blow at the climax of the battle. He has since recovered from minor injuries, and is emerging as another leader of the Dorn Hill villagers. Unfortunately, his early success may have swelled his head a bit.

Niklas is a large young man, even for a Dorn, and comes from a large family. He has a younger brother and sister. His father is known to be a bitter, calculating man with a lingering injury from his youth; Niklas, his siblins and his mother do most of the household work.

Recently, Niklas was seriously wounded in battle liberating Arwych – it is not clear whether there will be permanent effects.

Niklas Dornill

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