Maeve is an unusual-looking Erenlander, once destined for the salt mines, she now raises Hell in Baden's Bluff


(Rough/Preliminary character sheet)

Maeve is a 155pt player-character, 8 unspent

Heroic Path: Feyblooded
First and second manifestation: Illusion Disguise @ 12; Shape Plant @ 12; Night Vision +5; Move +1; Improved Defense: Dodge +1; Perfect Balance
Third manifestation:

Maeve [138/140pts]
100 ST 10 DX 14 IQ 10 HT 12
10 Ambidexterous
20 Gadgeteer
10 Perception +2
-5 Code of Honor: Uncle’s Code
-10 Obsession: revenge on the Shadow
-2 Quirks
-20 Secret: half-Caransil
-3 Unusual Features: eyes, ears, build
-10 Wanted (Enemy) Escaped slave, occasionally (6 or less)

42 Axe/Mace 14, Bow 15, Climbing 15, Filch 14, Hunting 12, Knife 15, Lockpicking 15, Pickpocket 14, Riding 14, Scrounging 14, Stealth 15, Survival 13, Thrown Weapon 14

Illusion Disguise 12, Shape Plants 12

Dodge 9, Parry (axe, unbalanced) 10, Parry (knife) 8, Move 6.5

Large Knife 15 (off hand) 1d-2imp
Throwing Axe 14 1d+2cut
Regular Bow 14 (acc 2) 1d-1imp


Sheila and I were talking about her character, and she said she would like to play a 20 year old half elf (half human) thief named Maeve. (I know elves are kill on sight, so she may look a bit more human than elf – we can talk about it more on the 30th.) Her mother lived in a town near what is now the burning line, and met her father (elf) in the woods when she was foraging one afternoon. They began speaking and developed a secret friendship that turned into a deep and passionate love. Eventually, Maeve’s mother noticed she was pregnant, and was overjoyed. The afternoon she left to meet her elven baby daddy (and share the news), she was followed by an agent of the Shadow, who watched as the two interacted (could not hear the news) and picked up on their plan to meet again that evening. That night orcs ambushed and murdered Maeve’s father.

Maeve’s mother was generally shunned by society, as she was pregnant and unmarried. Maeve’s mother told Maeve about the elven blood that flowed through her veins, and what the Shadow did to her father. As an outcast, it was difficult to support herself and a young child, but Maeve’s mother worked for years as a chamber maid until she died in a freak chamber pot accident.

Maeve, furious with the Shadow for murdering her father and stealing her and her mother’s chance at a happy life, was forced to live with her uncle in a cave. Her uncle taught her how to survive in the woods, and to sneak into nearby homes, lift items of value, and fence them to make ends meet.

Eventually the authorities picked up on the wave of cat burglaries taking place in a few nearby towns, and tracked down Maeve’s uncle. After he was arrested and sentenced to death for stealing from agents of the Shadow, Maeve fled to Baden’s Bluff, where she will likely meet up with the rest of the party.


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