Lowell is a mid-ranking member of the Flayers in the Steeps of Baden's Bluff


Lowell is a 55pt character. He appears like many in the Quarries district of Baden’s Bluff – too skinny, too long since the last bath, and a little desperate.

Lowell [43/55pts]
30 ST 10 DX 11 IQ 10 (Will 11) HT 11
5 Reputation: Flayer +1
5 Strong Will +1
-15 Greedy
-5 Nosy
23 Area Knowledge 11, Knife 12, Leadership 9, Observation 10, Pickpocket 11, Scrounging 11, Shadowing 11, Stealth 12, Streetwise 11


Having been beaten and humiliated, Lowell swore a ‘blood oath’ that he would not do any harm to the PCs, and that he would try to set up a meeting between Emre and Bron of the Flayers, in exchange for his life and his release. He was last seen staggering off in the direction that his four friends fled, one of whom had received a chest wound for his trouble.

He tends to call people “rubes”. It’s a word he learned from one of his fellow gang-members.


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