Lord Werner Dalmark

Helrion Baden's mentor and ally, he stands at the center of the Shining Court in Baden's Bluff


Lord Werner Dalmark is a 155pt character.

“Duke” Werner Dalmark [150/155pts]

70 ST 11 DX 10 IQ 13 HT 10
10 Contacts: broader Shadow military
12 Handsome 2/4
5 Military Rank
20 Status +4
30 Very Wealthy
-10 Callous
-10 Duty: Duke, noble
-10 Gentleman’s Code of Honor
-5 Mild Paranoia
-10 Secrets
Broadsword 11, Current Events 15, Heraldry 14, Intimidation 14, Leadership 14, Oratory 14, Politics 14, Riding 11, Savoire-Faire 15, Shield 12, Strategy 13, Tactics 13


Lord Werner Dalmark was the ruler of Baden’s Bluff 10 years ago when High Legate Cerano arrived in force and placed Helrion Baden on the throne. For a time, Dalmark retreated to sulk in his stolen Ducal estate outside the city, but after a few years, he returned, and was apparently very impressed with the young Helrion. Since then, the “Duke of Dalmark” has been Helrion Baden’s mentor and confidante. He is once again one of the most powerful people in Baden’s Bluff, even though it is unlikely he will ever rule again.

Lord Werner Dalmark

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