Lem Cerogen Junior

Lem, son of Lem, now head of all his father once controlled, wants revenge


Lem Junior is not yet the man his father was – he is a 70pt character.

Lem Cerogen Junior [54/70pts]
30 ST 12 DX 10 IQ 11 HT 9
10 Status 2
30 Very Wealthy
-10 Bad Temper
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-15 Greedy
-5 Obsession: revenge on whoever killed his father
-5 Reputation: Lazy, unworthy -1
24 Armourer 12, Blacksmith 12, Haggling 13, Finance 10, Intimidation 12, Merchant 12, Torture 10
Fine Chainmail DR3/5 (light encumberance), Hammer 2d


Lem Junior recently lost his father, and has risen to take his father’s place. He is not putting much of his mind to smithing or business, however – he is desperate for revenge on whoever killed his father, and he is using a lot of his personal wealth to find out who that was. Word is, he wants the man alive, and brought to him.

Lem Cerogen Junior

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