Lem Cerogen [DECEASED]

Lem has left Waymeet to join the other Cerogens in Baden's Bluff


Lem Cerogen is a 70pt character.


The Cerogens have been the great smithing family in Baden’s Bluff for as long as anyone can remember. They are also openly allied with the Shadow, one of the many Human families who have found safety and prosperity in the worship of Izrador and betrayal of their race.

Lem lives in Waymeet with his wife Mattie and his two sons, Lem Junior and Landon. Lem Junior is following in his father’s foosteps in the family business. Landon is a charismatic teenager who hopes to enlist in the army as an officer and serve in the south along the Burning Line, killing Elves.

Lem Cerogen is currently implicated in delaying the slave wagons’ arrival in Waymeet. Forged documents show him sending written orders for luxurious accommodations for him and his family as they are relocated from Waymeet to the family headquarters in Baden’s Bluff. A number of his documents have also gone missing, and are mostly in Kenneth’s possession.

The Cerogen family will of course all receive writs of transfer to Baden’s Bluff free of charge. These will apply to a few of their best workers and servants – otherwise they are simply abandoning those they like less and will find new ones once they settle in the city.

Lem Cerogen has fled with his family from Waymeet to Baden’s Bluff, only moments before the slave-gathering began. He had some temporary trouble with paperwork, and lost some standing because of some kind of mixup around which wagons were requisitioned for the slave-taking.

Now, Lem and his older son Lem Junior work in the Cerogen compound in the center of Baden’s Bluff. They are ardent worshippers of the Shadow, and even have their own family chapel which they attend.

As a result of the slave-taking, over 100 slaves, mostly children and young adults, were taken by Baden’s Bluff and the two nearby Orc strongholds.

Lem Cerogen [DECEASED]

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