Legate Philibus [DECEASED]

Chief Administrator for the Temple of Shadow in Baden's Bluff


Legate Philibus is a 150pt character, a Greater Legate and a very wealthy man.

Legate Philibs [120/150pts]
90 ST 10 DX 10 IQ 15 HT 9
15 Clerical Investment 3
10 Power Investiture +1
20 Status 3
30 Very Wealthy
-10 Callous
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-15 Duty
-15 Greedy
Administration , Current Events , Detect Lies , Finance , Forgery , History , Merchant , Occult , Politics , Theology


Legate Philibus is the chief administrator for the Temple of Shadow – not a position one would think carried a lot of prestige, but Philibus has a great deal of status and wealth both. He has taken somewhat to politicking, but has not been able to wheedle his way into The Shining Court. He is a man of great appetites, too fat now to fit into his old Legate armor, but he can afford bodyguards to do his fighting for him. He has hand on the purse-strings of the Temple, so to speak, and that is more than enough.

Legate Philibus [DECEASED]

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