Legate Denarius

A gray-haired hulk of a Legate living in Hearthhome, an ardent foe of the Cabal


Legate Denarius is a 150pt character

Legate Denarius [147/150pts]
110 ST 16 DX 10 IQ 12 HT 11
5 Clerical Investment
10 Comfortable Wealth
10 Power Investiture +1
15 Status +3
-5 Disciplines of Faith
-10 Intolerance
-5 Obsession: Vengeance on Verrick
-20 Secret: collaborating with the Resistance against the Cabal in Hearthhome
-10 Sense of Duty: the faith of Sunulael
-5 Speech Impediment (-1 to Intimidation, Leadership)
20 Area Knowledge: Baden’s Bluff 13, Intimidation 12, Investigation 13, Leadership 12, Occultism 12, Religious Ritual 12, Search 12, Theology 11, 2H Axe/Mace 13
20 Detect Magic 12, Fear 12, Identify Spell 12, Lend Energy 12, Lend Vitality 12, Lesser Healing 12, Light 12, Seek Magic 12, Sense Emotion 12, Truthsayer 12
Bloodstone with 5 fatigue, Resist Fire Potion
Huge warhammer 13 3d cru
Light Encumberance
Move 3.75, Dodge 6, Parry (huge warhammer) 9, DR 3/5


The most vocal opponent of these “false cults of
Izrador” is a legate named Denarius, a gray-haired giant
of a man from the northern wastes. He has thus far resisted
his natural impulse to cleave through the congregations
of cultists who twist his religion.

Denarius’s tongue was mostly repaired by Idris, but he has sworn that he will take vengeance on Verrick, who he is certain is a new leader in the Cabal.

Legate Denarius

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