Lashmaster Razzakh

An experienced Goblin slave-trader sent to Waymeet to help organize the process.


Lashmaster Razzakh is approximately a 60pt character. Like many of those who wield the lash, he is visibly stronger than the average Goblin, and a head taller than many, at around 5 feet.

Razzakh is about a 70pt character. He wears leather armor whenever he’s out, and sits atop his slave wagon, behind the drovers, with a crossbow. He prefers to use his racial Darkvision and use the crossbow at night when possible.

Lashmaster Razzakh [60/70pts]
20 ST 10, DX 11, IQ 10, HT 10
15 Goblin
Size -1
Dark Vision
10 Comfortable
10 High Pain Threshold
5 Status 1
5 Strong Will +1 (11)
Odious Personal Habits
-15 Sadism
Move -1
20 Axe/mace 12, Crossbow 12, Knife 12, Haggling 11, Intimidation 11, Merchant 11
Move 3.25, Dodge 7, Parry 9, DR 3/5
Bludgeon 12 1d
2cr, Crossbow 12 (16 w acc) 1d+2imp (10 bolts), Large Knife 12 1d-2imp/1d-2cut, Lash 10 1d-2cut, Leather armor
Medium Encumbrance


Lashmaster Razzakh loves his job. He’s a sadist, and he gets to make money doing what he loves. And isn’t that the dream?

He is known to shoot one slave in a line and make those chained to him drag the corpse along all day. He has a reputation for cruelty and effectiveness – each night, he gives whichever slave pleased him the least 5 lashes.

As a Lashmaster, he is below a Chieftain but above Goblin Slavers in authority.

Lashmaster Razzakh

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