Landon Cerogen

Landon is Lem Cerogen's younger son, now serving as a guard in Baden's Bluff


Landon Cerogen is a 60pt character.

Landon Cerogen [60/60pts]
50 ST 12 DX 11 IQ 10 HT 11
5 Legal Enforcement Powers
5 Military Rank
5 Status 1
20 Wealthy
-5 Disciplines of Faith: Cabal
-10 Duty: Guard
-5 Obsessed: vengeance on Kenneth
-10 Secret: Cabal member, not following Sunulael
-5 Sense of Duty: Family
10 Area Knowledge 10, Armoury 10, Investigation 10, Streetwise 10, 2H Sword 11
Heavy Encumberance
Move 2.5, Dodge 5, DR 7
Fine thrusting two-handed sword 11 1d

Commanding 6 Guards at any one time


Because of his family’s position in the city, Landon has been able to buy himself multiple promotions, and now has a full company of 50 men under his command. Since the death of his father at the hands of a resistance assassin, he has turned his attention to helping his brother Lem Junior hunt whoever was responsible.

Landon Cerogen

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