Kenneth [DECEASED?]

Kenneth was an animal handler working for the Sarcosians, and an accomplished killer on the side


Nimble, smart, quiet with fast reflexes.

Won’t harm innocent people, driven partially insane with memories and his desire for revenge, poor.

Kenneth [150pts, 1 unspent]
Heroic Path: Shadow Walker
First manifestation: Chameleon +3 (modified: functions through clothing, only functions near ambient shadow)
Second manifestation: Blind Fighting 12, Dodge +1, Fearless +1
Third manifestation: Shadow Step @ 12, High Pain Threshold, Improved Dodge +1

80 ST 11 DX 13 IQ 12 HT 10
6 Acute Hearing 3
Chameleon +3
15 Combat Reflexes
Dodge +2
Fearless +1
5 Fit
High Pain Threshold
5 Shadow Step (Knack)
10 Silence +2
5 Snow Elf fighting knife
-5 Flashbacks
-5 Nightmares
-10 Pacifism: Cannot Kill Innocents
-10 Struggling
40 Escape 12, Camoflage 13, Lockpicking 12, Knife 15, Filch 13, Stealth 13, Survival 12, Fast-Draw 14, Fast-Talk 12, Traps 12, Animal Handling 12, Riding 13
4 Native Erenlander, Accented Spoken Trader’s Tongue, Accented Spoken Sarcosian
Large Knife, Lockpicks, Blanket, Snow Elf fighting knife
Dodge 10, Parry 7 (knife), DR 2 (leather armor)
Snow Elf Fighting Knife 13 1d
1 imp/1d+1 cut; Dodge 10


Kenneth is a tall, slight Erenlander whose farm was destroyed and his wife and son killed by the Orc leader of a warband. Before he was struck down, Kenneth cut the ear from this particular Orc. Somehow, he survived the blow that should have killed him, and since then he has sought revenge.

Kenneth recently learned that the Orc that killed his family is one named Grund, and the same Orc was sent to lead the destruction and enslavement of Waymeet and the surrounding villages.

With his allies providing a distraction, Kenneth was able to slip into Grund’s home and murder him in his bed.

Later, Kenneth infiltrated the Cerogen compound and killed not only Lem Cerogen but also a number of Cerogen guardsmen and one over-enthusiastic smith.

Kenneth was last known to be entering the Temple of Shadow with verrick on a mission to recover information from High Legate Cerano’s rooms.

Kenneth [DECEASED?]

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