Kendall Hunter

A Dornish woodsman living in and around Waymeet


Kendall Hunter a 80pt character.

Kendall Hunter [81/80pts]
60 ST 11 DX 12 IQ 10 HT 11
10 Comfortable Wealth (in bows and arrows and tools)
10 Perception +2
-10 Alcoholic
-5 Loner
-10 Overconfident
-20 Secret
36 Area Knowledge: Baden region 11; Baden’s Bluff 11, Armory: bowyer/fletcher 13, Bow 15, Camoflage 11, Hunting 12, Knife 13, Stealth 13, Survival 12, Tracking 12
Move 5.75, Dodge 8, Parry 7, DR 2
Large Knife 13 1d-1 imp/1d-1 cut, Regular bow 14 (acc 2) 1d imp, leather clothing


Kendall Hunter has a rare writ allowing him to own and use a shortbow. The reason he has that writ is because his smoked meats make excellent traveling food, and the Orcs often demand provisions when they have to march more than a day from Waymeet for any reason. Orc parties passing through might do the same. He taught himself how to fashion this bow and how to fletch his own arrows, and is regularly off hunting for days at a time. He also employs children from town to take their slings and stones and go out into the countryside bringing down birds and rodents. Once the meat they gather has been smoked, he lets the children keep some of it for themselves.

Kendall fled Waymeet when trouble began to gather, taking his bows and arrows with him, as well as most other things of value in his hut. He is currently making his way in parts unknown.

Having come with the PCs to the region around Baden’s Bluff, Kendall slipped away while everyone had a lot to pay attention to. It is actually unknown whether he entered the city or not. He did not demand that his bows be returned, likely believing them to be in appropriate hands.

Kendall is now a full-fledged (fletched?) member of the Resistance.

Kendall Hunter

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