Kaveh was the most powerful Sarcosian trader in Baden's Bluff, and is currently on the run


Kaveh is a 100pt character.


Kaveh first came to prominence by repudiating the sussars of the southern sawgrass plains, and rumor has it that he even delivered some Sarcosian resistance leadership into the hands of the Legates. In return, so the story goes, he received an official charter to be a mercantile liaison with the Sarcosian people in the region. He has used this to build a very comfortable trading business for himself, particularly in the area of fine horses trained for battle – something that for whatever reason the Orcs and Goblinkin cannot produce for themselves.

Kaveh was not always a merchant, however. He still moves like someone who has some lingering wounds, though he will not speak of them.

It is often his practice to lend money to Sarcosians who need it, and while he insists upon repayment, he does not go overboard, as some who loan money to the needy are.


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